H Terrell Griffin Welcome to my website. I appreciate your taking the time to seek it out, and I hope it will give you a little insight into my books, my island, and me. Not incidentally, I’d like to sell you a book.

There is a link on this site to my appearances at book signings and speaking engagements. I hope you can make it to one of these. I love to meet fellow book-lovers, so be sure you stop and say hello. I encourage you to email me with any comments, thoughts, criticisms, or just to say hello. There’s an email link on this website, and I assure you I read them all. I’ve been an avid reader since I first learned to comprehend the written word. When I retired from the law practice, I finally scratched that writing itch that had been with me forever, and wrote Longboat Blues. I tried to re-create the ambience that exists on the real Longboat Key, and interjected Matt Royal and his friends into this wonderful sun-filled environment.  I was surprised and gratified by the success the book enjoyed, and I found that I enjoyed living in the fictional world of Longboat Key. Six more Matt Royal mysteries have followed, each more successful than its predecessor. It has been a wonderful personal journey for me. I have been humbled by my readers professed enjoyment of the books. It has been my privilege to live in Florida for most of my life. I practiced law in Orlando, but spent as much time as possible at my home on Longboat Key, an island paradise that is one of several barrier islands off the Southwest coast of Florida between Tampa and Naples. I decided to set the Matt Royal series on these coastal islands because of their beauty, their people, and their laid-back lifestyles. I'm convinced that those who inhabit Longboat Key and the nearby islands are among the best folks in the world. I hope I do them justice in my books because I know if I don't they'll let me hear about it. And isn't that what friends are all about? Longboat Key seems to have about one homicide every twenty years on average, so I had to manufacture some murders and create some bad people. It’s been fun, and as much as I enjoyed the practice of law, this is better. I see my job as an author as one of bringing readers a little happiness, as so many authors have done for me over the years. Some of my best hours have been spent curled up with a good book. I hope you’ll find a few hours of enjoyment from my scribbles. I invite you to come along with Matt Royal as he lives, loves, fishes and solves mysteries in his idea of paradise. Meet Matt's buddies, Logan Hamilton, Jock Algren and the beautiful police detective Jennifer Diane (J.D.) Duncan, who are always ready to lend a hand in bringing down the bad guys. I hope you’ll enjoy the ride.