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Take levitra and cialis together Killer Summer – Chapter 1

On the day somebody blew up the planning and zoning board I was floating around Tampa Bay getting a little sun.  It had been a long winter, and I was happy to flee the island for a day of doing nothing.  I had helped a good friend in a campaign for town commission, and he had lost.  The election was over, my friend was relieved not to have won, and I was tired of all the commotion. My Grady-White was washed and polished, the twin Yamahas oiled and primed for action, and I needed a rest.  As I left my dock that morning, I did not forsee that  a … [Read more...]

Killer Summer – Chapter 2

I could see a corpse on the beach near the edge of the surf.  Uniformed Paramedics stood quietly, waiting for orders.  An open body bag lay beside the Commissioner, awaiting its occupant.  A young Longboat Key cop I didn’t know was standing away from the crowd, keeping the onlookers at bay. “I’m Jake Bass,” I said, stopping in front of the young policeman.  “Chief Gallagher is expecting me.” “Sure, Detective Bass, go on down.”  He was pointing toward the body. The chief’s call to tell me about Commissioner Dwyer’s death was a shock.  He had … [Read more...]

Killer Summer – Chapter 3

The chief’s phone call unnerved me.  Another dead commissioner.  Done in by an SUV.  “How did anybody know that the SUV was city owned?” I asked the chief. “It had a city tag.” “That’ll narrow down the suspects.” “Not by much.  All twelve hundred city employees are provided SUVs.” “That’s absurd.” “Statistically speaking, we’ll have a hurricane sometime this century, and the town manager wants to be prepared.” “What about a description of the driver?”  I asked. “Not much.  He or she was wearing a Katherine Harris mask.” “It wasn’t the … [Read more...]

Prezzo levitra 10 mg orosolubile Killer Summer – Chapter 4

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Killer Summer – Chapter 5

With Small Fry’s death, the town manager had lost his quorum.  Maybe it was just too much for him.  But how does one commit suicide by falling tree? In less than two days we had lost three town commissioners, two planning and zoning board members and now the town manager.  In many towns such a loss would create a leadership vacuum, but that wasn’t a problem for Longboat Key.  We were used to a leadership vacuum, and it didn’t much matter whether our leaders were alive or dead.  They would accomplish about as much in either state. I drove back … [Read more...]

Killer Summer – Chapter 6

As I was absorbing the news of the mayor’s death, a police cruiser came screaming into O’Sullivan’s parking lot. The uniformed patrolman jumped out and ran to where the chief and I were standing by the fallen buttonwood. Turning to the approaching cop, the chief said,  “Son, how the heck did you let the mayor get killed?” “Wasn’t entirely my fault,” said the hard breathing patrolman. “Those landscapers must have thought they were real police officers. They saw a ratty old BMW going down Gulf of Mexico Drive, and all five of them jumped into … [Read more...]

Killer Summer – Chapter 7

J. Krankheit Vielsprechen, Esquire, had been the town attorney for twenty years  As far as anyone could tell, J.K., as he was known, had never had an original thought in his life, but simply determined that anything the town manager wanted to do was legal. J.K. had received his law degree from a correspondence school in Ohio that he had discovered one night when his drug induced gaze fell upon a match book cover from which he had extracted all the matches in a vain attempt to fire up one more doobie. He sent off his fifty bucks and two weeks … [Read more...]

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Killer Summer – Chapter 9

Commissioner Bigelow Butane Bogardus, known on the island as Big Butt, was a giant of a man, standing six feet eight inches tall and weighing in above 400 pounds.  He had once been a professional wrestler, and when he got too old to for the ring he turned to politics. He ate copious amounts of fatty foods, living mostly on a diet of fried chicken and ice cream washed down with beer. Much of his weight had accumulated in his posterior and watching him walk away the uninitiated saw an amazing feat of burbling adipose rubbing rhythmically against … [Read more...]

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Killer Summer – Chapter 11

Crandall Flameout, the town Building Official, had been an amiable sort, who always gave the citizens the benefit of the doubt on any issue that fell within his jurisdiction.  This attitude did not please the town commission or the manager, and so Crandall never got to go to the hurricane conferences.  His entertainment consisted mostly of sitting at the Hilton bar with Logan Hamilton watching re-runs of University of Connecticut basketball games. As fate would have it, Crandall met and fell in love with a very pretty, but much younger, … [Read more...]

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