To be released on November 13, 2013. Matt Royal and J.D. Duncan are back, better than ever. When the serenity of beautiful Longboat Key, Florida, is shattered by a murder, and an elderly resident goes missing, Detective Jennifer Diane (J.D.) Duncan leaps into action.  Her investigation is temporarily interrupted when she receives a text message with a current photo of a college friend she thought was dead.  Matt Royal—J.D.’s friend and more—jumps in to help her.  Further assistance … [Read more...]

Fatal Decree

fatal decree 2012

When a serial killer shows up on Longboat Key, Florida after a twelve year absence, Matt Royal is stymied. The first woman killed on Longboat Key has ties to a secretive government agency for which Matts best friend Jock Algren works. Was this a coincidence or was she a targeted kill? Matts friend, Longboat Key detective Jennifer Diane (J.D.) Duncan investigates the murders but also seems to be a target of the killer. Why? And where has the killer been for the past twelve years? And why has he … [Read more...]

Collateral Damage

Collateral Damage 2011

The quiet beauty of Longboat Key is shattered when a young groom is shot to death on the beach the day after his wedding. His father is an old army buddy of Matt Royal, and Matt tries to soften the anguish of his friend by finding his sons murderer. Matts search takes on added complexity when there appears to be a link between this murder and three seemingly unrelated murders that occurred on board a dinner cruise on Sarasota Bay the same day. Fortunately for Matt, his old buddies, Logan … [Read more...]

Bitter Legacy

bitter legacy 2010

 Matt Royal has gotten himself into a royal mess! After a week away, Matt Royal’s ready to get back to the Longboat Key good life—good fishing, good food, good beer, and more good fishing. But Matt comes back to bad news:  while he was away, a sniper tried to kill one of his best friends. Even worse, now that Matt’s back, someone’s trying to kill him.  And whoever is trying to kill him is trying really hard. With no clue who’s after him or why, Matt soon finds he’s at … [Read more...]

Wyatts Revenge

wyantts revenge 2009

 This time, Matt Royal’s not just looking for the truth. He’s looking to settle the score. Wyatt’s Revenge is a hard-hitting, action-packed tale about good versus evil, justice versus revenge, murder, and redemption.  On balance, retired trial lawyer turned beach bum Matt Royal is a pretty laid-back fellow.  But when Laurence Wyatt, one of Matt’s best friends, is taken out by a professional hitman, Matt trades in his easygoing ways for a hard-hitting quest for … [Read more...]

Blood Island

blood island 2008

What’s happening on this island will make your blood run cold. Matt Royal never has to look far for excitement. Excitement–and sometimes trouble–has a way of finding him first. But for this fun-loving lawyer turned beach bum, things are about to get serious. Dead serious. When his ex-wife asks for help in tracking down her stepdaughter, last seen in Matt’s hometown of Longboat Key, Matt agrees to do a little searching. But what looks like the case of one missing girl turns out to be … [Read more...]

Murder Key

murder key 2006

 DEATH LURKS ON AN ISLAND BASKING IN THE GENTLE SUNSHINE OF A FLORIDA AUTUMN When a stranger tries to kill Matt Royal in one of his favorite watering holes on his Florida island paradise, his attention focuses on more than sun, fishing and beer. Matt doesn’t know why anyone would want to kill him, and the only way to stay alive is to find out who and why. Matt and his buddies Logan Hamilton and Jock Algren begin an odyssey that takes them from the island beaches to Mexico, and back to the … [Read more...]

Longboat Blues

longboat blues 2005

A RIVETING MYSTERY SET IN THE SIZZLING HEAT OF A FLORIDA SUMMER When his girlfriend's body is discovered on the balcony of his condo overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, Logan Hamilton is indicted for murder.  His friend, Matthew Royal, a burned out trial lawyer living in an island paradise in Florida, reluctantly comes out of early retirement to represent Logan.  The tale twists and turns as Matt travels to Iowa, Chicago and south Florida, trying to save Logan from the death penalty, which is … [Read more...]

Killer Summer

Killer Summer

For 13 weeks starting in July, 2006, the Longboat Key local newspaper (the Longboat Observer) published Terry’s serial novella, “Killer Summer.” This was a satiric piece with a lot of “inside” humor that perhaps only the residents of Longboat Key would fully appreciate. This is a departure from the serious books Terry has written.   This was not a book, but each chapter was posted on this website after it appeared in the Observer. You can read all thirteen chapters … [Read more...]